Sunday, March 21, 2010

Edge Rider Wheels

Ahhhhh the sweet joy of new wheels on a longarm. You never realize how bad the old ones are until the new ones are on. I chose a simple finger feather to test them on. WOW what a difference to actually have the machine go the direction I am trying to go. No more white knuckling those curves lol

(Click on picture to enlarge)

And finally two springy quilts. I love a happy quilt and both of these made me especially happy.

Both are quilted with an all over swirl and 3 huge random flowers. The orange quilts flowers were about 2 1/2 feet across. FUN!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Patty & Deirdre's quilt

As a longarm quilter I rarely see the quilts I work on finished and in a bedroom. So it was very fun to get pictures this morning. The quilt was made by friends Patty and Deirdre.

Isn't Deirdre's room gorgeous!

And here are a few in the works photo's ...the only way I usually get to see quilts. (No flash, so the color isn't true)

More Bread and Butters...

A few blasts from the past. I loved this vine quilt, simple vines in the center and blooming around the borders.


A little whimsy

Edge to Edge

Gotta have my circles

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swamp Thing

This quilt (Swamp Thing) was inspired by a photo art quilt challenge I was talked, make that coerced into participating in. I ended up having a blast making mine and hope to do many more art quilts someday. (yet another "someday" project to add to the long list) I fell in love with the colors of this piece. And couldn't stop buying snippets here and there.

A close up of the original art quilt.

With flash

I loved the variety of greens and blues together but wasn't sure of how to bring them together on a larger scale. Then I saw this border fabric one day and it had all my colors together and I loved it.

Once my blocks were completed my daughter Amy and I laughed at how much they looked like a swamp. (Swamps, ponds, habitats etc. are a running joke around here) Well how appropriate to have a swamp quilt.

I decided to turn the border into waving grasses surrounding my swamp. The swamp has rings of rain drops in the center of each block. The little x's are the legs of the water skippers and the little swirls represents the movement of the water bugs.

Lovely thought eh? Ick!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bread and Butter Quilting

The topic of Bread and Butter quilting came up recently on one of my favorite longarm quilting sites (MQR). For most longarm quilters B&B quilting makes up the majority of the quilting we do.

They are the quilts that get used on a daily basis. The quilts that get dragged to the park and threw the sand box. Some will hang on walls and some will sit on laps to keep life cozy. Some are given as wedding gifts that will be cherished and some will not be the brides colors and will live out life in a box. But they are all equally made from the heart and a hope that the receiver will feel warm and cozy and best of all loved.

Since starting this blog I have struggled to think of things to post. And here I thought I would have miles of rambling to do. With the kids grown and gone I seem to come up short on interesting things to share. So I have decided to start posting some of the B&B quilts that have past threw my doors. (And hopefully a few that I've made for my own home)

Clean Quilting

I love and admire "heavy" quilting. At a quilt show I can stand and stare forever, mesmerized by the intricate work. But I also love simple quilting, I just love the look and feel. I crave quilting projects that need simple clean lines. Here's a few that made me happy lately.

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