Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recent Quilts

Just off the frame tonight.

Sadie's quilts are always fun to quilt and this one was no exception.

It's HUGE ....and would fit my bed perfectly =) I love it!

Linda's quilt from kaffe Fassett's class. The fabrics are fabulous, and just happened to be picked out by Kaffe himself. Another quilt I'd be happy to keep.

Here's Stephanie's beautiful quilt from the same class. Amazing how different they look.

Close up.
Another fun feather meander. (I never get tired of this look)

Lynn's quilt (with flash for true colors)

Close up to show catty wompus concentric circle posie.

Full quilt.

Patty's traffic in the city. A very fun creative quilt! (Same owner as The Naked Lady quilt)

Large fun posie's

Soft loose quilting for a comfy baby quilt. Lucky baby =)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Uh...did you think that through?

Recently while at a friends surprise 50th birthday party we were divided into groups for games. By pure coincidence my group ended up all women, and all from my book club. After a few minutes of not being able to come up with a name for our group I said lets just be the BB's since our book club is the B & B book club (Books and Brunch)

One of the men quite innocently asked if BB's stood for Big and Beautiful. Huh? Are you serious lol. Yes, we want to be called Big and Beautiful. NOT! Another well intentioned man wanting to save us from the unsolicited insult said "I think they would prefer to be called the Bony Butts". What? Seriously, that's better lol? Technically only one of us qualified for that tittle...and she didn't want it either. Thank goodness for Chad who chimed in "Beautiful Babes". Phew, so much better! Thanks Hun!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I am finally finished with my first attempt at quilting a portrait quilt. I think Patty did an amazing job designing her "Naked Lady" and I LOVE the style of piecing she used. I think I'm hooked now. Although I must admit to panicking half way into it thinking she was beginning to look like a body works piece. But with encouragement from a much respected art quilter and friend I moved forward. Once she was finished all the echoing worked and I'm really happy with her.

Here she is with flash.

And a close up of the background quilting, side lit and no flash. Thanks Gayle for telling me the name of this type of quilting. "Sediment". I've always loved it but never knew what to call it. As usual, click to enlarge.

The scissors help give an idea of scale. She is much larger than life.

Head prior to quilting.

And after. I love the swirl in her bun/twist.
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