Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting behind in blogging again.

Wow has it been almost a month already?  I'm not doing so well on my goals, lol.

Love this quilt of Lynn's!!!   I had a hard time giving it back to her.  It will be stretched on a canvas frame for her studio.  As you can see it's only held together by the quilting.  I quilted the circle on my Juki, which is why there are threads on the back.

Click on each picture to enlarge.

 Another for Lynn!

Kate's lovely wall hanging.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Novembers project

 A few years ago I was inspired by a customers quilt.  I knew I wanted to make a wall hanging for my hall bathroom based on Lynn's gorgeous quilt (below).  I think it's the perfect project for my November goal.  Fast and simple!

Oops, upside down and sideways.


  Some doodles and indecisiveness.  So much for fast and simple.  I like the woven ribbons, but I originally wanted more a water feel.

After tossing the first attempt (ribbons) I think #2 wins.

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