Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pattern for Betsy's quilt!

A few of you have emailed me asking for information concerning the pattern for Betsy's quilt.  It sounds like the pattern is not released yet.  But the designer has graciously allowed Betsy to pass on her email address for those interested.  Thanks Betsy!!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Off the machine and out the door today

3 quilts out the door today.  It was good to see Sadie and Diane and catch up on some mutual friends.  Here's Sadie's two quilts.  Diane picked up the random circle quilt I posted pictures of last week.

Pictures do not do this quilt justice.  It's gorgeous.

 This quilt is a twin to a quilt I quilted for Sadie last year.

It was a kit for one quilt but had enough fabric for two.  Score!!

 And a little progress on my Mosaic Tiles.

I'm loving my rotating mini cutting mat.

I highly recommend getting one.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Step two complete on Mosaic Tiles QA

I'm not finding as much time as I thought I would for piecing.  But I managed to sit down last night at 8:30 and get the first step completed.

Tonight I'll cut them all into fourths so I can start assembling my tiles!  It's hard to imagine it all cut up and wonky.   Hmmmmm.  I'm trying to use only stash and the blue ran out, so if I want it larger I'll have to get creative.  Time to dig through the stash again.  I'm debating adding another row with a white background with just a few scattered tiles since I'm running out of the prints as well.  Then again a lap quilt might do just fine =)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mosaic Tiles progress 

After procrastinating far too long on my mosaic tiles quilt along I finally cut into my fabric.  I'm loving this color pallet.  (Thank you Teri!!)


I decided I was hesitating because I liked the fabric too much to cut it into small pieces.   Once I saw that people were adapting the pattern to their needs I decided to enlarge the pattern, wallah I was ready to cut it out.

Speaking of cutting, I'm finally ready to assemble my Dresden circles!!

Check out that stack of white wedges...I see a lot of piecing in my future.  This probably doesn't look like much to most piecers, but to some one who usually only quilts this is ....daunting, lol.

I finished quilting Sadie's wall hanging today.  I'll wait to unload it in the morning so I have better lighting to check it first.  Nothing worse than unpinning the entire quilt only to find you missed a teeny tiny spot.

Monday, January 13, 2014

On the frame today!

One of Sadie's!

This is a very pretty quilt and the first traditional quilt I've quilted in a while.   It's quite refreshing to do some grid work.  Feathers tomorrow and maybe even a piano key or two =) 

Random circles is ready for delivery.  

It was harder than I thought it would be to be so random.  At first my random...had a plan, lol.  

And finally, the wedges have began!   I'm beginning to remember why I like quilting better than piecing.   This is a lot of work to get to the fun part, lol.

Dresden Circle Quilt

I'm finally beginning to piece my Dresden circle quilt.  

It feels good to be whittling away at my long list of 30 unfinished quilts. 
(and counting ...they keep coming out of the wood work, lol)

I'm loving the bright happy colors.

I was inspired by this quilt on Geta's Quilting Studio.
I knew I needed a dot quilt as soon as I saw it!  She has a great tutorial here.

I found another great tutorial here.  Isn't this baby quilt cute!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Halloween chevron is finished!

It's finally bound and ready to be stuffed in a drawer until next year.  I'm very happy with it and can't wait to try another chevron.  Maybe I'll try the triangle method this next time around.

The colors are a little truer with the flash.

  But the quilting shows a little better without. 

It's hard to get a good picture indoors on a rainy day.

For someone who HATES spiders I sure like quilting their webs!

And the back, my inspiration fabric

It went from a yellow and gray chevron to a pink and gray Halloween chevron as soon as I laid my eyes on this fabric!!  Love it!  Wish I had bigger scraps to work with.  I'd like to make a small wall quilt for my porch with some of the portraits for next Halloween.  I think it will be # 30 on my quilts to finish list =)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Getting behind....again!

I finally have my fabrics picked out for the Mosaic Tile Challenge.

I've started cutting out my Urban Chicken Quilt.  Carol and I will each make a few extra blocks for a Cares NW, quilts for Kids quilt which we will turn into the Pine Needle.

And I finally quilted my Halloween chevron.  All that's left is the binding =)  Such a good feeling, it took me forever to find the time to load and quilt it.  I can't seem to get a good picture this morning but here's a peek ( a very blurry peek) at the borders.

Swirling fog and spider webs!

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