Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cross Quilt

Better late than never I say.  I always seem to be a little behind on my projects, but not less excited.  I'm finally beginning my cross quilt.  Hopefully it will look a little bit like these.


I started out armed with a drawing of the pattern from AnnMarie and a very FULL bag containing 2 finished blocks and a large stack of low volume fabric from Jeri.  Much of it pre-cut and ready to go. (this bag is a fraction of what she sent)  I was thinking of all red Crosses but after seeing the two orange blocks from Jeri, I'm rethinking that. 

Orange and aqua is growing on me =)

I spent the evening cutting up some of the low volume stash my sister Teri sent me to go with it.  Something tells me I have a another night of cutting ahead of me before the sewing begins.  But I'm closer!!

Tonight I'm sewing the, make that.........resewing the borders on my chevron quilt, tomorrow she gets quilted!!!   Woo Hoo!

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Whats better than a mama hen? 

A mama hen and a chick!

I needed a small ornament or Christmas decoration for a gift exchange at book club.  Now to find a book to exchange!

About 15 years ago I removed the clock from my doorbell cover.  About 5 years ago I started to to regret it.   Last month I found this clock face while junking.  I think it fits the bill =)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Birch Trees

As usual I love Lynn's projects.  

This one was a true team effort.  Lynn pieced it and quilted the trees.  

I absolutely love how she quilted the them!!  

I added the background fill.  Pebbles and waves.

I love the fabrics on the birch trees.  Perfection! 

 Remember her friend Carols?

Same pattern, different fabric.

 What a difference fabric makes.  I love them both! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Secondary designs

I love secondary designs in quilting.  I thought I'd share a very simple one I like to use.

This quilt gave me the opportunity to alternate directions when quilting a very simple pinwheel.

Stand back and see what happens =)

Isn't it fun!

This is one of Megs quilts, hope she likes it.

  And another fun swirl on a baby quilt for Meg =)

 Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday the 13th tomorrow =)

Portland Modern Quilt Guild

We had our big December guild meeting last night.  It was so fun to see everything that the exchange participants made for each other.  I was quite impressed.  I wish I had pictures but the lighting turned my photo's green. 

We were each assigned a savory or sweet dish.  Pinterest to the rescue!  I found a very easy recipe for a chocolate and mint cookie.  Mmmmm.  You can find it here.

Mine didn't look near as pretty, but they were still yummy!  If I do say so myself.  It's always a little nerve racking to bring a new recipe somewhere.

The night started off with 6 of us meeting in a parking lot and riding into Portland together in AnnMarie's Party bus.  FUN!!!  I was greeted by a bag FULL of wool squares from Jeri ...... words can not describe my joy!!!

And an adorable stocking ornament from Jessica.  This may actually get me motivated to put up my tree!  Not a bad start to a very fun evening.  Thanks ladies!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pin Cushions

I've been wanting to make pin cushions for years.  I'm not sure why I haven't until now but I think I have a new obsession!  They are fun!  A couple weeks ago I found an old smoking stand while "junking" with my friend Carol.  I immediately knew I wanted to turn it into a pin cushion stand.

  I LOVE this fabric my sister Teri sent me.

I decided to stuff them with crushed walnut shells so headed to the pet store.  I had no idea how big the bag would be.  I hauled it to the checkout stand and flopped it down on the counter.  She asked what I was going to use it for.   "A pin cushion".  I could see her trying not to laugh.  "That's going to be a big pin cushion".

She then warned me not to lick anything since I'm allergic to walnuts.  I thought it was funny until I kept putting the needle in my mouth while sewing the chickens shut.  After 4 chickens I had a mild lisp from a very swollen tongue.  So worth it!

I like the bottom fabric too!  Teri has good taste!  My plan is make a wool applique cushion for it, but until I find the right wool I'm going to enjoy the one I made tonight.

I finally started my chicken pin cushion family =)
Hmmm what next?  Mice? Owls?  Frog?  Oh the possibilities.  (Notice the hands?  I found them on another junking trip with Carol.  They were originally bathroom towel bar holders.  I just love them.  Pretty and a little creepy at the same time.  One of these days I will find the perfect project for them)

There were two stands and Carol bought the other one.  She wasted no time filling it =)  Holy pin collection!!  I've got some catching up to do, lol.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I had such a fun time at our Modern Quilt Club meeting last night (at the The Pine Needle).  It was much more of a party than a meeting with games, a cookie exchange and 25% off the entire store! Can you say MERRY CHRISTMAS to me!!

 Check out all the cute stockings turned in for the stocking exchange!

I was the lucky winner of this adorable stocking!!  I love the owls.  I feel bad I didn't get the name of gal who made it.  I did get to holler over the noise how much I liked it though. Hopefully she heard me =)

I decided I liked the back of the stocking I made better so hung it backwards.  My good friend Carol won it.  Did I mention Carol doesn't care for stockings and whispered to me before we started that she didn't want one.  Oops, sorry Carol, you can fill it with cookies and give it away, lol.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WestSide Modern Club!

The Pine Needle WestSide Modern Club 
Our next meeting is Wednesday, December 4th.
Christmas Stocking and/or Cookie exchange
Take as many cookies as you bring.
Last month we were all given a piece of fabric to design our stocking around.  I added a few from my stash.
I kept the design very simple, as it was my first attempt at paper piecing.  I think I'm addicted now!  Although boy does it waste fabric.  

 I quilted and assembled 2 stockings. 

 Front and back of stocking #1

 Front and back of stocking #2  
(notice a major error?  None of the challenge fabric made it into this one!  Noooooo.  Never piece when your tired!)

 Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

On the frame today

Another beauty for meg.

 This is one BIG quilt, 100 X 110. 

I always have a hard time giving large quilts back to their owners.  We still have queen size quilts on our king size bed.   Cobblers child with no shoes syndrome?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Morgan's Birthday Quilt!

 My granddaughter Morgan turns two today!  Good thing I finished binding her quilt last night.

 Morgan is really into animals right now, so I new I had to get this fabric for her as soon as I saw it.

 And I knew just what I wanted to make out of it.  A bean bag toss quilt!
(Toss the bags onto the matching block)

Hope she likes her new VERY loud quilt =)

And the equally loud backing.
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