Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pot head

I'm becoming a pot head!  Ever since I found painted Terracotta pots with transferred graphics on Pinterest I have been hooked.  I have a long way to go but I'm pretty happy with my first attempt.  I made this pot for my good friend Carol. 

Carol loves bunnies so I immediately thought of her when I saw this bunny on The Graphics Fairy blog.  Once I stopped focusing on the things I did wrong I really kind of like this pot!  I can't wait to get together with my daughter Amy and daughter in law Britt to make more!  Now to find some old beat up french looking pots.  Goodwill here I come!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas wall hangings

Some lucky people will be getting these beauties from my customer this year.  Don't you wish  you were on her list?  I do =)

 I'd love to see these finished.  I think they're fabulous now, I can only imagine how cute they'll be with eyes, lol.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Shirley's thrift store find

What a find!  I love the quirks in a hand pieced top.  Very few points matched up and tucks were taken as needed to piece, making this beauty anything but flat.   I spent an entire day taking additional tucks in order to quilt it.

As challenging as it was, I had a blast quilting it.  There's something very satisfying about finishing someones project started long ago.  Every quilt deserves to be quilted.  I'm happy Shirley found this one and finally let it be marked off as finished.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Brooklyn's quilt

Carrie has made quite a few quilts using this pattern in Americana fabrics.   Her daughter in-law Brooklyn made this one.  I just love it!   It's amazing how fabric can change the whole feel of a quilt. 


Brenda's quilt

Every once in a while Brenda will ask me to just do a simple outlining on a fabric.  It's more of a comforter in look and feel.  I was a little worried when she asked me to do this on only part of this quilt.  I wondered how a part quilt, part comforter would look.  The main fabric was bought while on a trip to France (at $25 a yd. I didn't want this to be a flop)  I wasn't sure until it was off the frame and then I LOVED it!!!


 Here's Brenda's 2nd quilt.  Another beauty!

We're off to watch the grand kids pick out their Christmas tree.   I love this time of the year!!

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