Monday, February 22, 2010

Everybody smile!

I'm not sure if we achieved our goal of everyone looking and smiling at the same time, but it sure was a fun afternoon. I thought this one turned out rather well. No running off, no tears, no eyes shut, no looking the wrong way and no pulling on bows. Success!

Rylie and Liam found it much more fun to look at each other than look at grandma.

One brother to take the bow out.....

And one to put it back. What a sweet big brother you are Marcus!

The funniest part of the day was when Emma couldn't understand why we all kept telling her to smile when her bow was in danger. We hadn't realized a HUGE worm was inches away from her beloved bow that had been tossed to the sidewalk. She finally broke into serious enough tears that daddy saw what was happening and saved the bow in the nick of time. Yuck!

It was a fun afternoon worms and all.

Quilty thought for the day.

While quilting "swirls" on a customer quilt a couple months back I noticed the apple core design being created on the first pass and thought it looked wonderfully soft and comfy. While I love dense quilting for some quilts, there are those that call for nice loose cozy quilting. I just knew I had to make a simple quilt so I could do apple core quilting on it. Here is the inspiration quilt made by my wonderful customer Meg.

It was quite the coincidence when I pulled out the charm pack Meg had given me for Christmas and it was the perfect fabric for this project! I'll post pictures of my quilt after I get the borders on. I wont buy the fabric until I'm ready to sew it on. I've recently joined a Stash Busters club and don't want to buy any fabric until I'm ready to buy it and bust it at the same time lol.
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