Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm not dead.

My daughter recently informed me that I'm a terrible blogger. I must confess I enjoy looking at other blogs more than I enjoy updating mine. For you's a few recent ...or not so recent quilts.

Love this quilt my sister Carol made for my brother Steve. It was loads of fun to quilt, and BIG!

Does this say Lynn or what? Other customers walked in and knew immediately whose quilt it was.

Love this quilt of Nadine's and can't wait to make one...................someday before I die.

Some fun whimsy loosely quilted to stay soft and cuddly for a baby.

I think this quilt is fabulous!! So simple and yet makes a huge statement. The colors are even better in person.

I never tire of a good cream quilt. So soothing. Another on my someday list.

Texture! This quilt by Meg is all about texture. I can't even imagine piecing all those little triangles. It's gorgeous and HUGE...and I wish it were on my bed!

Click to enlarge this photo to really appreciate all the work put into piecing this quilt. Her own design. Now anybody that really knows me knows I am terrified of butterflies. My love of all things purple helped me see past the butterflies to the true beauty of this quilt. Stunning.

Nice and clean quilting to show off the embroidery (perfect embroidery I might add). Gotta love a bunny quilt!

Swirling windmills and a nice leaf border make for a comfy TV quilt.

OK that should keep Amy happy for a week or so. I promise to do better Amo =)
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