Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bread and Butter Quilting

The topic of Bread and Butter quilting came up recently on one of my favorite longarm quilting sites (MQR). For most longarm quilters B&B quilting makes up the majority of the quilting we do.

They are the quilts that get used on a daily basis. The quilts that get dragged to the park and threw the sand box. Some will hang on walls and some will sit on laps to keep life cozy. Some are given as wedding gifts that will be cherished and some will not be the brides colors and will live out life in a box. But they are all equally made from the heart and a hope that the receiver will feel warm and cozy and best of all loved.

Since starting this blog I have struggled to think of things to post. And here I thought I would have miles of rambling to do. With the kids grown and gone I seem to come up short on interesting things to share. So I have decided to start posting some of the B&B quilts that have past threw my doors. (And hopefully a few that I've made for my own home)

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