Saturday, May 1, 2010

A perfect day!

My son Chris and I spent the day watching all the grand kids at my daughter Amy's house while she headed up the beautification day for Marcus's school. (Britt stayed home for a much deserved break....thanks for loaning Chris to me for the day, I couldn't have done it with out him) Rylie and Liam were a hoot to watch playing together. Emma changed her clothes about 10 times and Marcus taught me a new board game. I brought my camera and wouldn't you know it I didn't take a single picture of them! 8 hours of grand baby photo ops lost. I didn't think the day could get any better and then my phone rang..... Chad had good news .....

I told myself I wouldn't post anymore Halloween finds until I'd posted a few quilts or grand baby pics ....Not wanting to seem too obsessed and all. But this just couldn't wait! Chad found my butler a buddy today. A good friend called him from a garage sale and told him to get over there quick! I have been wanting this guy for years! He got him for a steal and had him standing in the entryway when I walked in. While he can't compare to a day with my kids and grand kids it was a great end to the day.

Marcus is excited to see granny's new friend and Emma is not in the least bit pleased with the news.


  1. Thanks for all your help today Chris!!!!! Hope you guys had fun tonight : )

  2. I love it! lol Well I love how happy it makes you... It honestly scares me!


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