Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quilting again

I've been quilting again and testing a few new rulers. I LOVE them! (Will post more about them after the testing period) After a couple weeks off it feels like forever since I quilted, I feel renewed. Here's a cable border I haven't done in a while. I forgot how much I like this treatment. Nice and clean.

I never tire of clean lines.

I've quilted many lighthouses before but never any like these. Fun!! Gotta love a little whimsy in life.

A little more whimsy....... love me some jumbo flowers. (New rulers for the sash)

Amoebas....hard to see in this small picture, but their there. (click on pictures to enlarge)

And finally a full picture of the first quilt. I am loving the border on this quilt! I am so lucky to get such fun quilts to work on. What a variety = )


  1. Love them all, but especially the first (and last) one. Your circles in that border are beyond cool!

  2. Wow Janet! That is quite a quilt show!! Interested to hear about your ruler experiences...I need to do more ruler work...

  3. You never cease to amaze me with your talent! Fabulous quilting!

  4. Love the way those circles followed that wave. Very clever. And those jumbo flowers with the fill to make them pop. I'm going to remember that one.

  5. Janet...thanks for sharing these photos!! YOu are amazing!!

  6. lovely, lovely work...ruler work is my favorite...I love what straight lines or circles do to a quilt..makes em sing..


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