Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy mothers day!

One of my fondest memories of my mother is her hats! Here she is (far left) trying some of the hats she made on a couple customers. When hats began to fall out of fashion she switched to wedding crowns and veils. I loved playing in her studio, those veils were far better than the half slips I used to wear on my head for dress up. I was blessed to grow up with two amazing parents. The best ever!!!

And this is how I remember her most. Smiling, bright eyed and wearing a colorful moo moo in her garden. I wish my kids could have met her, she was such an amazing and talented woman. Not one of us 7 kids ever heard her say a negative word against another person. Gossip simply wasn't in her vocabulary. She used to learn a new word everyday and used it in sentences when we got home from school. Which usually ended in fits of giggles. I remember her laying on her death bed hemming a dress for me. She was too sick to even sit up but she wanted me to have that dress for the dance. Love you mom!

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