Sunday, November 4, 2012

Novembers project

 A few years ago I was inspired by a customers quilt.  I knew I wanted to make a wall hanging for my hall bathroom based on Lynn's gorgeous quilt (below).  I think it's the perfect project for my November goal.  Fast and simple!

Oops, upside down and sideways.


  Some doodles and indecisiveness.  So much for fast and simple.  I like the woven ribbons, but I originally wanted more a water feel.

After tossing the first attempt (ribbons) I think #2 wins.


  1. Wonderful, Janet!

  2. Look at you go girl. I love it!

  3.'s all of about 5 inches by 12 inches, ha ha!! But hey, I'm working on something for me!!

  4. I love the colors, the undulating line and the size, Janet. It's rather a 'Zen' quilt, isn't it? Very peaceful.
    Beautifully done!


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