Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Steven's quilt

Hot off the longarm!  Simple swirls, nothing "feminine" as promised.

My husband and I have been blessed to work with the youth in our church for the past 14 years together.  

I usually work with just the girls but I've been teaching the 15 year old Sunday School class this year and have really enjoyed getting to know the boys better. 

One of the boys (Steven) is quite the Character (actually most of them are, lol).  When he heard I was quilting his graduation quilt he wanted to make sure I was quilting it with as much love as his mother put into the piecing.  I assured him I was.

I quilted his two older brothers quilts as well when they graduated.  I remember them bringing Steven to our home when he was much younger to game nights.  I worried the older kids would pick on their little brother.  Boy could he hold his own!  No worries there, this kid has some feisty genes, lol..  Love it!

Regan's older children are all girls who insisted on their mom quilting their quilts for sentimental reasons.  So it was quite the honor to be able to work on all the boys quilts.  

Thank you Regan!

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