Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The bridge man begins

I'm finally ready to start piecing the bridge man.  Woo hoo!

 What started out as a very organized process soon became a mess on top of a step ladder.  With one very precariously perched lamp for light.  Did I mention he's on a temporary design wall that is starting to fall down?  900 little squares barely hanging on for dear life.  I need to get this pieced before he dies a slow death on my floor. 

And the leftovers....yes the left overs.  Unfortunately I had to cut up an entire yard of fabric into 2" squares before I would know if it would work or not.  I'm guessing I have a few thousand squares left over.  I see one ...or more gray quilts with small squares in my future.  Hmmm, with red crosses??

He started out with over 1,500 squares but I edited him a bit .....after arranging him 3 times and then pulling him down and starting over.   Glad I made the changes and tossed the pattern I spent months making.  Eyeballing the picture was so much easier for me and my "can't follow the rules" brain.

So where is he?  My friend and I agreed to not look at each others quilts until they are finished and ready to turn in.   And besides I go from liking him, to nervous laughter, to oh my gosh he is hideous I can't show this to anyone!!   But all in all "Bob" is growing on me =)   Hahahahaha, oh the joys of a good quilt challenge!

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