Sunday, February 23, 2014

Muddy Boots Day

In my last post I mentioned Muddy Boots Day.  A while back I attended my first sew day for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild.  Oh my goodness fun!!  Unfortunately it doesn't always hit on days I can make it.  I kept wishing there was somewhere closer to home that friends could meet at. 

And then it hit me, what about the church gym!  After a year of procrastinating I asked if we could schedule the gym for women (and men) who are wanting space to spread out their projects and spend a day of creating and visiting.  I say "creating" because for some reason the word "crafting" really bugs me, lol.  The word craft sounds like a project using Popsicle sticks, which is fine for a project using Popsicle sticks.  But something made from fabric is so much more to me.  It's an art!

So Muddy Boots Day was born!

The last two months I've worked on my cross quilt, aka O Positive.  

 I now have 130 blocks!!  Boy are they wonky! 

But I love it, wonky and all.  It's just character, right?

I've learned that I sew very slowly in group settings so I can hear the conversation over my machine.  Either I need to oil more or accept that this quilt is a long term project, lol.

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