Thursday, September 18, 2014

Off the design wall!

I can't believe I finally finished piecing an Urban Chicken quilt!  Only a year in the making, lol.

What started out as 3 lap quilts ended up one twin.  I started with a pink & orange quilt and a blue & green quilt.  (along with a bunch of random colored blocks for a crazy quilt) But once I saw them on the wall together I had a whole new vision.  I still have about 35 blocks left over, so I see at least one more Urban Chicken in my future.

But before I start it I need to finish this cutie!

As you may well know I am sightly....just slightly obsessed with all things Halloween.  Which does not go well with little grand kids who want nothing to do with creepy scary things. When I heard my granddaughter refused to get out of the car at "scary granny's house" I knew I had to change my decor because I certainly was not going to change her mind into thinking it was fun!  lol

I went on the hunt to find something fun not creepy.   I think this fits the bill!  It is a total copy of an 11 year old boys art work I found on Pinterest.  I immediately knew this was I was looking for and sent a message to get permission to use it from his mom.  She was kind enough to say yes!

Check out my knew potato masher!  Hint, it;s not really going to be used for potatoes.  Any guesses??


  1. Your UrbanChicken looks great! I just finished cutting squares for mine;it is kitted up for the retreat.

    1. Sadly I still haven't quilted mine, lol. Can I just say I LOVED your bridge quilt!! So so good!!


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