Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bridges of Portland

So .... once again I'm a little delinquent posting pictures.  It was so hard to not post these quilts as I quilted them, but I held to the rules of not revealing any quilts until the show.  .......And then I waited another 3-4 months to finally post them, lol.

First up is Betsy''s wonderful Bridge quilt.  I LOVE this quilt.  It's the quilt that inspired me to make a second more colorful quilt.   The color placement is spot on and has great balance.  Do you recognize the bridge?  The little green buildings with red roofs is a dead give away, but for fun I will not list the bridges so you can guess on all the quilts =)

Hanging at the show

Betsy had very distinct quilting ideas for this quilt.  

                                                             And I loved them all!

                                                           Aren't these colors fabulous!!

Next up is Sharon's beauty.

A lot of creativity in a small package.  

                               Sharon informed me that her quilt was chosen to hang at PDX!

And then she was informed it didn't fit in the display.

  Ughhh,what a let down.  This quilt was so deserving of being shown.

Next up is Connie's lovely quilt.

Wow, the colors look so different with this camera and light.

It's hard to capture all the little details in Connie's work.  
All the black is piping and the wings are dimensional.  

And finally we have Valri's amazing work of art.

I can't even comprehend how she kept those diagonal lines straight.  
Obviously a skill I have yet to master.

The fabrics were fun!!

Check out the backing!

The color gradation and simple lines make for one fabulous piece.  

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