Wednesday, February 4, 2015


With Quiltcon right around the corner I've started looking for a light weight bag to carry around.  I usually carry a small purse because of my bad back but I know I'll need something larger for those special treasures often found at quilt shows "wink, wink".  There are so many cute quilted bag patterns out there that I'd love to make, but I would only be able to carry one for a couple hours and I'd be paying the price. 

So here's my solution!  A feed sack bag!  It's light weight, large and lined in the cute fabric I bought at the last Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting.

It's loaded with Velcro pockets and has plenty of room to spare for treasures!!  It is seriously light weight!  Perfect! 


  1. Replies
    1. You calling me a bag lady Jeri? lol. Hope the new job is going well =)

  2. That bag will definitely come in handy. And that lining fabric!! How did I miss it at the last PMQG meeting? Who makes it?

    1. Sorry I missed this Dawn. Unfortunately I used all 3 fat quarters so I can't look at the selvages for you. But I love it and will buy more if I find it somewhere =) Wasn't that a fun night?!


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