Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rylie's Baby Blessing

There's nothing better than a weekend full of grand babies, family and friends. Of course I didn't get a picture of Rylie in her beautiful dress, darn. I'll have to get one from Britt to post. It was a perfect weekend, I miss them all already.

Liam and Rylie holding hands

Can you believe they're only 10 weeks apart?

Take that! Good thing Liam's a good sport : )


  1. Yeah! Punch him! That's my girl!!!

  2. Yup, they're adorable alright tee hee. I was going to title it "Here you suck on that one, I'll take this one". But I didn't think it sounded right..... Hey I used my filter.

  3. cute cute babies!

  4. Exciting! Congratulations to the Murdocks, Andersons, and Christensens! Beautiful babies. It's a bummer we didn't get to see each other for Thanksgiving! I hope yours was great! And Janet, I love that your blog page has a creepy house on it! We got together with Carol's Barbara's and Kevin's family and we all talked about how fun it would be to visit you for Halloween haha


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