Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I never tire of red batiks. And Lynn put them to good use in this quilt. Lynn's a whiz at fabric selection and tweaking quilt patterns to get the look she wants. This one was perfectly flat and square, a quilters dream.

Another of Lynn's creations. Simple piecing and simple quilting make for a stunning piece of art work.

And finally, I'm finished! I love this quilt, it'll be hard to give it back to Marsha. I'm also loving curved crosshatching, it's addictive. I'm wanting to piece a quilt just so I can do it some more.

This quilt was so perfectly pieced that I could have set my channel locks for the 1/4"ing. Perfection!


  1. Janet! Those are wonderful! I am really starting to get inspired by contemporary quilts...

  2. I'm with you on the reds. That quilt is in my saved file from somoene's blog, but then I saw it in a book recently. I absolutely love it and your quilting is the best ~~ as usual.


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