Monday, July 12, 2010

Marcus goes to the ER

I'm hijacking my daughters facebook post about my grandson Marcus and his run in with Farm Grandma's table.

Our first trip with a child to the emergency room for stitches last night! Boy, that was not what we were planning on doing yesterday. Poor Marcus! He was so tough and handled it like a trooper though.

He was running full speed and went right into the corner of grandma's dining table. He cut a pretty decent gash above his eye that was too deep for butterfly band aids. We drove him to the emergency room and he got three stitches. He was so cute and hilarious for the nurses and doctor. He asked them if he would have a scar like Harry Potter! And when they told him it would hurt to get the shot to numb the area for stitches he said, "It seems like I was just birthed to get hurt all the time!" That broke our hearts AND made us laugh. Finally, when they gave him the stitches and he just laughed and talked through it, the nurses told him he was brave and he said, "This is the bravest day of my whole life. I think Jesus is giving me brave power!" It was an adventure and I'm just really glad if it had to happen, that it happened at grandma's house because we had family here to watch the other two kids and Marcus got our full attention.

Marcus called me from the ER to tell me all about the magic medicine that makes you not feel anything. He was so excited to tell me his story. But that magic medicine really excited him. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. The way he words things is hilarious. And the words he uses, I don't know where he comes up with them. You never know what he'll say next..


  1. Oh my...the excitement never ends, does it!

  2. Awe, what a story! He sounds like an awesome little boy! Must be good genes from his grammy. ;-)


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