Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A few August quilts

A quick picture of Lynn's latest quilt for the Quilts for Kids auction. I love this quilt and hope it brings in a high bid for the kids. I really admire Lynn's dedication to this organization.

It was fun to quilt and makes me want to make a bright cheerful quilt of my own. Hmmmm maybe I ought to just finish one of the many I've already started lol. Surely there's a bright happy one in the mix. (I just noticed the arched lettering looks crooked in the picture. It's just the way it's hanging. Darn, wish it was still here to get a better picture)

I really like this customers quilt. Isn't it pretty? The very last corner quilted was the bottom right....Ughhh a turned block. (It's actually less noticeable in person, but I still can't believe none of us caught it. Even after 10 minutes of looking her friend still couldn't find it. YES!) The customer decided to leave it as is. She said "No need to flip it, it's OK to not be perfect". Great attitude to have in life!

Oops I said a here are two more august quilts ....or is a few just 3?

(Click on picture to enlarge) I love the simple borders on this one.

It's hard to see but this one has concentric circles on the circle fabric. I love the whimsy in this quilt. She's one of Lynn's good friends and I can't help but wonder if Lynn suggested the polka dot fabric. It's a very "Lynn" thing to do lol.

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  1. Janet, I really love your quilting on the Quilts forKids Auction quilt! How creative!!

    I hope all will be well soon for your son and your family.

    Thinking of you, Mary in Mountains


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