Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A few October quilts

I love this Celtic quilt Holle made for her daughter. The borders were done with stencils. I learned an important lesson, air erase marks do not like rain lol. The marks were disappearing in seconds. I could only mark about 5''s at a time. I finally decided to try again the next day with better weather. What a difference! I could mark 1/2 a border at a time with no worries. (As usual, click on photo to enlarge)

And the back...

I've quilted this quilt pattern for Lynn a number of times but never in a flannel. And it's a Shabby Chic to boot. I love it!!!

This last quilt was quilted for my dear friend Carrie. When I called her to tell her it was finished she said "Oh how fun, I totally forgot about it". Ack, how long have I had this one, lol? Quick check of the paperwork made me feel better lol. Not only was Carrie excited to come get her quilt but she agreed to be my dead bride in the haunted house this year. I'm lucky to have such a great friend. Not may people would say "Do what ever you want to my quilt, when ever you have time..... and yes I will be your dead bride".


  1. Terrific quilts, Janet! And I would be your dead Bride as well...what are friends for!

  2. Your quilting never ceases to amaze me! Beautiful!


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