Thursday, November 7, 2013

On the machine today and a nice surprise!

 Yet another kimono quilt for Edie.  I love the red in the border fabric on this one.  More pics to come =)

 Yesterday was a bit like Christmas.  My sister Teri sent me 3 boxes of fabric she had thinned out of her stash.

She knows I am in need of low volume fabrics for a quilt I'm wanting to make.  She also sent a massive pile of bright fabrics.   She laughed about the state of the brights.  Years ago she had a huge pile of fabrics spread out while designing a new pattern (Black Mountain Quilts).  An unexpected guest caused her to shove everything in a huge tote which was forgotten on a top shelf in the garage. 

 I had more fun last night taking out each peace, ironing it and sorting them into piles.  It was like Christmas!  And the best part...she said she shipped 4 boxes, there's 1 more yet to come.  Woo hoo!

 Don't they look pretty?

 Uh oh Guido is running out of space.  I think I am officially a hoarder now.  Hmmm should I worry that it brings me so much joy? 


  1. You lucky girl! Hey I like the spikey fill on that quilt. Your organized stash makes me muy jealous. You could maybe pull some out for a certain Mystery quilt that is coming this month......Just sayin'

    1. I'm thinking about it =) Don't feel too bad you haven't seen the other half...under the the closet..under the Bernina....oy! What a mess! I'm getting there though.


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