Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mosaic Tiles progress 

After procrastinating far too long on my mosaic tiles quilt along I finally cut into my fabric.  I'm loving this color pallet.  (Thank you Teri!!)


I decided I was hesitating because I liked the fabric too much to cut it into small pieces.   Once I saw that people were adapting the pattern to their needs I decided to enlarge the pattern, wallah I was ready to cut it out.

Speaking of cutting, I'm finally ready to assemble my Dresden circles!!

Check out that stack of white wedges...I see a lot of piecing in my future.  This probably doesn't look like much to most piecers, but to some one who usually only quilts this is ....daunting, lol.

I finished quilting Sadie's wall hanging today.  I'll wait to unload it in the morning so I have better lighting to check it first.  Nothing worse than unpinning the entire quilt only to find you missed a teeny tiny spot.

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