Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bridge quilt backing

I just had to share a couple pictures of the backing of my bridge quilt. (we're not allowed to show our quilts until after the official unveiling at NW Expo) I rarely say I like the quilting I've done on one of my own quilts as they are usually rushed jobs so I can get customer quilts back on.   But I'm really happy with the quilting on this quilt.  I was surprised to turn it over and find that I like the backing just as well.

You see this fabric is from a bolt of fabric my friend Carol and I bought together and then put it in a closet for years.  And then thought "what were we thinking"?!  We've both used it for backings and it looks great!  Funny how you can love something, hate it and then love it again.


  1. Hello Janet, I got here from a pintrest post. Someone posted the B/W with the swirling pattern of circles and I got hooked on your site. Been on it most of the afternoon. I love the way you quilt. You inspire me. I am new on the LA. Do you use a template for the circles? I too love ruler work and have bought some. Boy, they are expensive! But anyway you have a fan here in Texas who loves the state of Oregon. The next trip, maybe next year we are going to stay a few days in Portland. Anyway, I couldn't find a place to sign up for your posts. But maybe I'm already signed up. I hope so. Thanks so much for sharing your life with people like me. You are an inspiration, truly. Katie

    1. How did I miss this?? Thank you so much for your kind words!! Yes, I use templates and an EZ board with a stylist as well. (I believe that's what it's called, lol Something I purchased years ago at a show) You're right our longarm toys are spendy, lol. This Portlander is headed to Texas for Quiltcon next Feb. Hope you are close enough in Texas to take it in.

  2. OOps just noticed the notify me, so I will check it.


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