Thursday, July 3, 2014

Two for Nancy and one for Lynette!

Love this baby quilt!

 The fabrics are a perfect fit for it.  I love a colorful quilt!

The center is freehand and the outer squares are quilted to form little pillows.   

I never tire of a good batik 


I mimicked the pattern of the backing fabric for the borders.  It's one of my favorite E2E fills on batiks.  It's a softer approach to a geometric shape adding loads of texture.

This little beauty is my friend Lynette's very first attempt at making a quilt!  (for her soon to be first grand baby)  So proud of her.   She admitted to having a little moment of not liking me during the construction process but forgave me when she saw the finished result.   When constructing the nine patches Lynette used a scant 1/2" seam rather than the correct 1/4" seam resulting in the nine patch being about a half an inch smaller then the solid blocks.  The seems were tugging and splitting open to make it all fit resulting in what we call a very friendly top.  (as in waving to everyone)  When asked if I could "quilt it out"  I was honest and said yes, but you wont be happy.  Go home, get a seam ripper and put on a good movie.  She took the whole thing apart and then trimmed the solid blocks.

She was beaming when she returned the "new" top.  Perfectly flat!  But now the batting was too small.  Once again she returned home to fix the batting.  I did offer!!  I promise! lol  But this grandma wanted to do it all herself.  You can hardly see the seam on the batting.  Well done Grandma!

Lynette requested E2E swirls with a few larger swirls thrown in.  I chose a wavy piano key border to mimic the waving kite strings in the fabric.  I think it goes well with the whimsical swirls.  I believe she is hooked on quilting now =)


  1. Nicely done! I especially love the baby quilt.

  2. Thanks! It was fun to work on, wish I could keep it, lol!


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