Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Smells like Brenda around here =)

I've been quilting for Brenda for about 12 years.  Almost all of her quilts are pink and green florals and smell divine. 

I'm not sure what perfume Brenda wears but I like it!  The funny thing is I'm deathly allergic to perfume but thankfully I don't react to this one.  I look forward to opening the drawer to take out her quilts because my whole studio will smell heavenly.

I love this simple horizontal channeling on the borders.

Per Brenda's request I kept the quilting on the piecing clean and geometric,

and filled the background with loads of texture.

I used 3 templates for the quilting, 2 small circles and a straight ruler.  After all theses years Janet Lees favorite ruler continues to be my go to ruler.  I love it!

Brenda has two absolute no no's when it comes to quilting her quilts, no feathers and no meandering.  Sounds simple enough doesn't it?  Well it's darn hard, hahahahaha.  Traditional floral quilts cry out for feathers at times.  It has been a fun challenge to come up new ideas.  I do love a good quilting challenge =)


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