Friday, June 27, 2014

On the design wall

Ever find a picture that just makes you smile?

Well this one sure does it for me =)  I love it!!

Notice something about my design wall?  

It looks the same as last time!   

Well... there are a few more but not many.   I am loving the freedom of this block.  My friend Carol and I are each making an Urban Chicken quilt.  We both keep laughing about wanting to make it matchy matchy and having to relax and mix things that... um... well don't quite go together.  I made one too matchy matchy and it's boring!  I can see I need to add a lot more swagger to my hens.  They're marching in much too straight of a line.  

Next up are the blue, green, yellow, aqua, red and purple blocks.   This is either going to be one massive quilt or few smaller lap quilts.   All I know is once you get over the fabrics clashing its quite an addictive block to make.  I think the pattern calls for more of a contrast than a clash but I'm too far into it now, lol.  

Letting loose is a good thing....right???

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