Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some new fabrics to play with

There's nothing quite like the feeling of leaving a quilt show with a bag full of fabric.  I've even been known to reach over and pull it out while driving, just to touch it and maybe catch a glance at it at a stop light.   Here's  few I found at the Northwest Quilting Expo.       

Me and my dots!   I'm also noticing a black and white trend as well.

 I found some kid friendly Halloween fabrics for my skeleton panels.

Now which to use??  I'm thinking the orange one.

I found these beauties at Fabric Depot while at the PMQG's sew day.

They've been added to my little stash from Modern Domestic for another cross quilt.  I'm loving the vibrant colors.  They make me smile.  So why blog future projects?  I've admitted to starting a project, now I must finish.  Lets see if it works!!  Hahahaha

More black and whites for the stash.   More dots!

I found a few more vibrant fabrics for my cross quilt at Modern Domestic before the PMQG meeting this week.   If you look in the basket you can see that I've decided to add a few black and white crosses to my quilt.  Surprise!  In dots!  (you can also see I've bought the same green fabric 3 times, lol  It's a GOOD one!)  After searching every local store that I know of I gave up trying to find a particular dot fabric.  Of course the selvage was long gone so it was a guessing game.  I finally found what I was sure was the same fabric on line (I always prefer local shops but it didn't work this time)

Hahahahahahahaha, look how big this one was!!   Not even close!  (the bottom two are what I wanted to match)  But I LOVE it!   I'm sure it wont last long in the stash pile.  I did find the right striped binding fabric though =)

 So close, lol.  Oh well, I still like it so it will go in the quilt as well. 
Kinda makes the eyes bug out, lol.

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