Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's not a resolution

Since I seem to fail miserably at new years resolutions and appear to be improving on challenges, I hereby challenge myself to finish the following UFOs this year!  Apparently some of mine are not official UFO's as I haven't started them.  However if I've spent money to start something I consider it started.  The initial investment has started anyway, lol.  I had 37 at last count, here's the projects that made the cut.

Elf Hats! (You too know who you are, lol)

I finally added the borders, it just needs a backing and she's ready to quilt!

 I need to buy pink border fabric and this ones ready to quilt...well actually the blocks need assembled as well, but the backing is ready!

I will be so sad if I don't get to this project from my sisters Teri and Barbara's book.  The dress stands show through some of the dresses (as seen) and I lost interest.  I've decided to move forward and embrace the fact that my dresses need slips. Maybe I will call it "slip-less" or "transparent"... "Naughty"?  lol

The bra.....errrr circle quilt.  My blocks resemble massive bra cups more than circles...must remedy that.  I actually spent an entire sew day trying to reduce the cups only to end up with badly puckered reduction surgery.  Redo!

The inherited blocks from my sister Robin.  These have to be at least 17 -20 years old, but I can't toss them. I'm thinking they may turn into a Christmas tree skirt this year =)

Mr Skelly will be coming out to play for sure!

A cross quilt collection!  We LOVE our one and only king size quilt on our bed.  Which happens to be a cross quilt.   It is in need of a partner ASAP!

This ancient paper piecing kit.  I plan on one block a month, so technically this one probably wont get quilted until 2016. 

Another oldie.  My noodle swap circle quilt from way too long ago.  I got this far on the quilting and decided I wanted the cross hatching at a different angle.  Lets just say I'm not fond of frogging =)

I am determined to work through this stack of project boxes in 2015!!

I will also be joining 2 quilt along/challenges.  That's one finish a month.  I was shooting for 6 total...oops.

Oh and I vow to clean out a few closets... but lets be real, they wont all get cleaned out.  We have 45 drawers in our bedroom closet alone.  (I know this because I recently had to buy 45 new knobs, yikes $) About the only thing I like about my ...hideous 70's bedroom addition is the storage.  Truth be told I am not exactly into clothing shopping so most of it is really odd things to find in a bedroom closet.  Such as Easter and Valentines supplies, gift wrapping and bag drawers, holiday paper supplies and various supplies from hobbies long given up (anyone need a few thousand beads.....floss?).   I saw a sign recently that has helped "If you saw it in a store today, would you spend $ on it".  If it's a "no" it goes!

New theme....Let it go! 


  1. I'm determined to get to some of my projects this year, as well. It's been too long.... Looking forward to keeping up with your progress!

    1. Just hopped over to your blog, LOVE the quilt your working on!! Lets hope we both knock a few off the list, lol.

  2. I LOVE the blocks from your sister I would set those on point with lots of space around them and do some beautiful flowing quilting around them.........those are a treasure!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Aren't they a treasure! I don't know why I haven't been able to commit to a plan. I dig them out every few years. This is the year!!


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