Thursday, April 1, 2010

Halloween fun!

Anyone who knows me and my Husband know how obsessed we are with Halloween. Every year we do a Spook Alley for the Church Halloween party. It's our new hobbie to plan the next years theme and work on a portion of it each month. With the recession I have learned to be creative with my monthly Halloween budget and Goodwill has become my new best friend. Especially after my friend Judy told me about the "colored tag" deal. 50% off cheap is a very good thing : ). Surprisingly I find I like the challenge of a tight budget. One of the rooms this year is a creepy Nursery.

I felt a little bad buying up all the porcelain dolls knowing I was going to destroy them (or rather creepify them). But I felt awful when a group of little girls ran over to my cart and said how pretty they were. Watching the cashier carefully wrap and point out the lovely qualities of each doll was even worse. As she pointed out the wings on one of the dolls and wrapped her so she wouldn't break I couldn't help but think "Break? Hmmmm a crack would be nice, a missing eye even better".

A few more trinkets for the nursery. I LOVE the monkey candle holder. Do you recognize the famous face? For someone who wouldn't step foot in a thrift shop a couple years ago I've come a long way. An addict maybe?

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