Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pin Cushions

I've been wanting to make pin cushions for years.  I'm not sure why I haven't until now but I think I have a new obsession!  They are fun!  A couple weeks ago I found an old smoking stand while "junking" with my friend Carol.  I immediately knew I wanted to turn it into a pin cushion stand.

  I LOVE this fabric my sister Teri sent me.

I decided to stuff them with crushed walnut shells so headed to the pet store.  I had no idea how big the bag would be.  I hauled it to the checkout stand and flopped it down on the counter.  She asked what I was going to use it for.   "A pin cushion".  I could see her trying not to laugh.  "That's going to be a big pin cushion".

She then warned me not to lick anything since I'm allergic to walnuts.  I thought it was funny until I kept putting the needle in my mouth while sewing the chickens shut.  After 4 chickens I had a mild lisp from a very swollen tongue.  So worth it!

I like the bottom fabric too!  Teri has good taste!  My plan is make a wool applique cushion for it, but until I find the right wool I'm going to enjoy the one I made tonight.

I finally started my chicken pin cushion family =)
Hmmm what next?  Mice? Owls?  Frog?  Oh the possibilities.  (Notice the hands?  I found them on another junking trip with Carol.  They were originally bathroom towel bar holders.  I just love them.  Pretty and a little creepy at the same time.  One of these days I will find the perfect project for them)

There were two stands and Carol bought the other one.  She wasted no time filling it =)  Holy pin collection!!  I've got some catching up to do, lol.

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