Thursday, June 27, 2013

Westside Modern Club

Had a great time with my friend Carol at the Westside Modern Club at The Pine Needle last night.  I was so surprised to run into Betsy who's quilt I just delivered the day before.  It was already bound and ready for show and tell!   Wonder woman!!

AnnMarie you'll be proud of me I'm participating in something!!  We had 4 patterns and 4 different fat quarter designs to pick from.  As I understand it someone will win all of the blocks.  I must admit to not paying close attention when they were explaining it (oh big surprise there to those who know me well, lol!!).

 The top fabric is the challenge fabric I selected. Notice the simple block pattern I chose, yes the simplest and therefore the fastest they had!  Actually I selected it to highlight the lovely circle in the print.  How completely and totally obvious and uncreative. Tee hee!

Last week I chickened out of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild (PMQG) container swap fearing I wouldn't be able to finish the project in time.  However I couldn't get the cute little fabric boxes out of my mind.  So I hope to be making one for myself  (how selfish, lol) as soon as my quilting schedule allows. Here's the sample they showed us.

Cuteness eh??
You can find the tutorial at the Pink Penguin 

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