Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why oh why?

Love the quilting, hate the batting!  Why is it I get impatient with my 
own quilts and make mistakes I would never make on a customers quilt??

I didn't want to wait and order the right batting when I realized I was out of my preferred batting for this type of quilting.  It's a rare day I don't have a customer quilt on my machine so I grabbed the chance to throw mine on.  My bad. 

Now I have floppy circles.  Lots and lots of floppy circles.

Oh well I still love it,  it will be very soft for cuddling up with my favorite guy.
I'll try to get some better pics outside tomorrow.

And up next to be quilted when I can squeeze it in, a fun quilt for my grandson.  
Amy said bold on black was totally fine for a newborn =)

Hmmmmmm what to quilt?  I'm thinking something fun and whimsical.

Yes those are skulls and cross bones on the red fabric, very appropriate coming from this Halloween loving granny.  

Thanks for finding it for me AnnMarie!


  1. Nice pick on that red skull fabric! I like the layout of your quilt.


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