Friday, October 25, 2013

A little Fall organizing

I've been quilting like mad lately, but you would never know it by my lack of quilting updates.  Hopefully I will find that missing quilting file soon on my new PC.

But in the mean time I have been in dire need of organizing my quilting studio.  While perusing Pinterest I came across a few painted hutches used for fabric storage.   Is this a cool way to organize your fabrics or what??

OK, so my sister told me it was a good way to "sun fade" all your fabrics, but I figure I have a few years in Oregon before the fading begins, lol.

I started checking Craigslist to find the perfect hutch (make that hutches) to paint for my studio.  I found a hutch built the year I was born in PERFECT condition.  It felt like a sign and the price was too good to be true!   It appears to have been in a time capsule it is so pristine.  I will not be painting this baby.  I was impressed with the care the seller took in helping us wrap it for transport.

I'm loving it!  However I'm definitely going to need another hutch .... or two.   I may actually clean out the area under my longarm by the time I'm finished. 

 It was just missing three items to be perfect. 

The sign my girls picked out for me.  Me?  Bossy?  No!  I just have good advice and it would be a shame to not share it.

Guido the pig farmer doll my sister Carol made. (The French version of Guido is Guy, my sons nick name)

To the right of the sign you can see a little antique red jello mold holding my mothers thimbles.

Still working on digitizing the bridge man.  One of these days I need to actually start piecing this guy.

Times a tick'n!


  1. I LOVE it!!! So many people have been purging old hutches and especially T.V. entertainment centers that can be made into fabric storage. Keep checking on Craigs List. I'm sure you will find more!

    1. Kelly - I was just thinking about using a tv hutch last night to store my folded quilts! The hunt continues =) I don't know what it is about finding and re-purposing a bargain that is so fun. So much more rewarding than buying new.


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