Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sugar skulls

Last week I fell in love with a picture on Pinterest.  

Is it great or what!!??   

I just knew I needed to turn it into a quilt..  I found the blog it was pinned from ( Modern Art 4 kids ) and asked for permission to use it as my muse.  The art was a collaboration of a mother and her 11 year old son.  They have granted me permission to go ahead with my project.  I am so excited!

On another note, my daughter in law Brittney and I have been sewing Halloween costumes and canning salsa.  37 jars to be exact (3 types).  10 onions, 4 banana peppers, 8 bell peppers, 12 garlic cloves, 16 jalapeno's, 9 Chili peppers, 20 lbs of tomatoes and no food processor.  Guess who will have one by next summer =)

Tomorrow we start canning applesauce. 

And then more costumes with my daughter Amy.  Life is good.

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