Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Holle's Pinwheel went home today

I still couldn't get a full shot of this quilt.  It's huge!  Unfortunately my quilt display stand broke.  One of these days I need to decide which one to replace it with.   Holle used a pre-washed bamboo batt, it quilted up beautifully.  A little linty but well worth it.  We gave up trying to de-lint for the photo's.  Once it's bound the lint will be no more =)

Did I mention I LOVE this quilt?

The colors are fabulous!! Holle said she used 100% stash!

 I'd say that stash plays quite nicely on this quilt!

 I'm really happy with the mix of straight line, swirls and pebbles on the black borders.

 Wish the lighting had been better. I love this corner.

If I had more ambition I would attempt to make my own, lol.

Check out that fun back!

Well done Holle!!!

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