Monday, March 3, 2014


Ever notice you're unintentionally following a theme?  While shopping at Fabric Depot during the Portland Modern Quilt Guild's sew day on Saturday I selected a few fabrics for my sister in law Julie and her husband Kelby's first baby.

Julie and her entire family (yes my husband Chad included) are HUGE Seahawk fans.  So boy or girl this baby is getting a Seahawk quilt.

 (A few randoms for the stash ....see a theme)

I was with my friend AnnMarie who just happened to be making the same pattern for a niece, but in Bronco colors.  Each time we held up fabric to show each other and get a second opinion she would laugh and tell me I had another dot or circle print.  Oh my goodness, she was right! I had an unintentional dot theme going on.

New orange stash on left, old stash on right.  Notice something?

Here's all the repeats I bought that day =) I usually get 1 or 2, this is a record, lol.

I have an obsession with zip ties and use them on everything, including my cords when I go to sew days.   I hate that I have to get a new one each time.  So I whipped up a few fabric & Velcro bands last night.  I made the pouch for the little light I attached to my Bernina.  I use to remove the light each time which was a pain.  It was so nice to roll up the cord into the pouch and hang it from the machines handle.

And last but not least, check out this fun fabric AnnMarie gave me for driving.   I love it!!


  1. Dots! I told you there were a lot of dots.
    Love your zip cords.

    1. I've challenged myself to not buy any dots on my next shopping trip =)


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