Friday, March 28, 2014

Time to edit!

This past Wednesday the Pine Needle's Westside Modern Meeting had an uber fun guest speaker!   (No not Carol and I, although we did speak a bit about prepping quilts for Quilting)  Rachel Kerley brought a "3 trunk" trunk show!  It was so fun to see the progression of her quilting over the years.  Her whit and lack of filter (and I mean that as a total compliment) were immensely entertaining!

Head on over to her blog to see more of Rachel's work.  (click here)

I found her disdain for quilting rules and snobbery from other quilters to be entirely refreshing.  She explained her philosophy of the difference in a quilt being "done" and "finished".  The room was roaring with laughter.  A quilt doesn't have to be technically finished to say it's "DONE".   AKA - you are DONE with it!   Brilliant!

I immediately thought of my ever growing list of quilts to finish.  I absolutely HATE some of them, but have this odd feeling that I'm failing if I don't keep them to finish someday.  When I know I don't want to and probably will never finish anyway.

Let the editing begin!

 Circles - finish picking out quilting and finish!

 Blocks from my sister Robin - finish! Sentimental.

 Safari - What was I thinking??  OK, the embarrassing truth be told, it gets worse!   About 12 years ago I saw a massive zebra print painted on a wall on Trading Spaces (remember that show?)  I thought HOW COOL IS THAT!  (bad thought)  But my husband would kill me if I painted a zebra pelt on the wall, what if I made a massive quilt and appliqued the Zebra pelt on it and hung that on the wall??  Hahahahahahaha....and then I rethought the plan and stuffed it in a box. Still thinking about this one...minus the pelt!

Dresses from my sisters Teri and Barbara's book Quilting with my Sister.  I still love this pattern and need to finish this one.  The sentimental aspect alone is enough to keep it on the list.  Some how the bag ended up in a crumpled mess.  I see some serious ironing in my future to bring this one back to life.
I'm excited to edit my list of things to finish.  I moved one item to the "done" list (AKA the garbage) as it fell into the "oh my gosh destroy the evidence" category. Yes it was worse than the zebra idea! 

Book report -The Kitchen House fell flat for me.  Too many stereotypical characters.  I ended the book feeling low.  I wont give any spoilers but I kind of wish I hadn't read it.  Oh darn I suggested this to my book group for next month.  Will I ever learn to not suggest books I have only heard about??  I still think it will lead to a great discussion.  Listening to Odd Thomas today.  My second attempt to start this book.  Hope it was my ADD and not the book last time =)

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