Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Newest additions and latest off the frame.

 The first of 2 for Sadie!  (number 2 is loaded and ready to go)

I seriously love this pattern and need to find out the name.  I love the colors Sadie chose.  The wheat colored sashing and gray inserts soften the black and cream and add interest.   Love it! 

It's on my to do list fore sure!

I'm still a little surprised at how much I am loving these little ole chickens of mine.  They warm my heart =)  This past weekend I attended the Oregon Poultry Swap in Corvallis.   I prearranged to pick up 2 hens but came home with 3.  Chicken math got me again!

I decided to go with hens instead of chicks and not deal with heat lamps this Winter.  That and instant eggs, lol.

3 new breeds to enjoy =)   The top 2 are a barnevelder and a cream legbar (another blue egg layer)  The bottom hen is a marans.  She's a loner with a mean streak, lol.  She has spent her first 3 nights in time out (AKA the large dog kennel)  They do fine free-ranging during the day but that little temporary quarantine run at night is too close quarters for her.  I have a feeling quarantine wont last the full 2 weeks.


  1. Janet, Could you please send me your phone number or email so I could contact you? PLEASE Judy Gibson

  2. While looking on Pinterest I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a quilt called Betsy's Mystery Quilt, I assume you are the quilter, phenomenal!! I so have to have that pattern, does Betsy sell them, or you, or could you tell me the name of the pattern or the designer? I could send you a photo of the quilt. The background was white and the modern squares we outlined in grey and black. The quilting was circles or bubbles and it took my breath away.It may have been called Mini Mystery 2013. Or could you put me in touch with Betsy PLEASE. You know how quilters are when they fall in love with something. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you, Judy Gibson


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