Monday, October 13, 2014

Portland Airport here he comes, lol

I just found out "Bob" will be hanging in the Portland Airport.  What an honor.

Because of a "reveal date" we were not to speak about our Portland Bridge quilt challenge projects.  Now that the show is over I can finally post some pictures and ...stories of the process.

First I must say having Bob chosen out of the many gorgeous quilts in the exhibit was humbling, to say the least.  WOW!  There were some seriously gorgeous quilts!

However I must confess this feeling of gratitude came after an initial feeling of panic.  You see Bob did not turn out even close to the vision I had in my head.  I ran out of fabric and had to trim him back (losing his much needed ears in the process)   The first border turned him into an Aztec Warrior in a headdress. Lets just say it didn't read Portland bridge worker at all!  I was embarrassed to hang him at the Portland EXPO exhibit, but wanted to get past my fear of entering things.  At the show I couldn't even walk up to him, I was too nauseous from nerves, lol.  I just couldn't let go of the "Dream" in my head that he didn't end up being.  I'm learning to let go and accept him as a fabulous learning experience.  And the fact that I am not an artist and my friends husbands camera identified him as a human face is not bad!  Hahahaha, I'm working on liking Bob the floating head ....and don't even get me started on his quilting nightmare, lol.

.....Story of the process to be continued.  
I have a customer quilt on the frame calling to me =)


  1. Congratulations! I am SO, SO, SO happy for you and Mr. B.

  2. Whoohoo!! I am so excited for you and your traveling Mr. Bob!

  3. Bob looks so awesome! Great work Janet!!!

  4. Janet what an honor. Yes you are an artist. Your quilt is amazing! I'm sure even more so in person. Happy for you!

  5. Thanks ladies. Guess I need to let go. It's just that the version in head is so much better, lol. OK moving on...

  6. Janet, are you sure you didn't mean "so much bigger"? vs. better?

  7. lol, nope, lol. All I can say is I hope I feel better about next years challenge, I can't wait to hear what it is for sure.


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