Wednesday, June 5, 2013


My first attempt at outdoor photography.   

The back.

 I've had "parts" of this quilt in my head for years.  I was inspired by my customer Lynn's quilts.  Here's one of the quilts that got me day dreaming. 

I pictured a B and W quilt with larger blocks in the center and smaller blocks in reverse randomly placed on the outer corners.

And then I saw Jacquie Gering's quilt Shattered and fell in love with it!  That led to finding her blog and then being lucky enough to hear her speak at The Portland Modern Quilt Guild.  I knew I had to finish this quilt!!

I loved her 2 sided border. 

I quickly moved all of the randomly placed corner blocks onto 2 of my borders and called it Broken.   Because next to Shattered mine looks a little broken =)  But I still love it.  Thanks for all the inspiration Jacquie and Lynn!


  1. Janet, love, love, love this quilt, the pattern, the quilting, everything! Your design is fantastic!!

    1. Oh you just made my day!!! Thank you! =)

  2. Beautiful and the quilting pulls it all together!

  3. how did i miss this? wonderful interpretation!! congrats!!

  4. How did I miss this?! Thank you!! I bow down to you Jacquie =)


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