Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ready for delivery

First up, Meg's stacked boxes (I believe that's the name)

Meg requested non custom on this one, so I did one of my favorite freehand edge to edges on it.

Overlapping posies.  I love the texture it adds to quilts.  

 I'm thinking it will be perfect on my grand daughter Rylie's quilt next month =)

Another for Meg, just in time for the Fourth!

Last up is Brenda's Lovely floral quilt.  
She requested a mix of posies and geometric line work.  

I used the posies on the first quilt in the borders. Her piecing is always spot on!


  1. Really great quilting as usual! The friendship star border in the last pink quilt is so very sweet ~~ actually, the whole quilt is. I really like how you put the flowers in the centers.

  2. Wow! So beautiful Janet!! I LOVE it.


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