Thursday, August 15, 2013


Not to be dramatic but my life has just changed, lol!!  I just read a post that has made me a very happy woman over at the fabulous blog Rainy Day threads !!  (is that a cool name or what)   She shared a link to Play Crafts Palette Builder!  Who knew such a cool thing could exist.  I have been in desperate need of such a tool and here it is!

By linking an image of my photo, I now have a color palette with a list of matching fabrics from Kona cottons!   Who knew, thank you Rainy Day Threads!! 
 And a big thank you to my sister Robin who pixelated the photo and changed it to gray scale for me.  As you can see I'm a little computer challenged and turn to Robin often for help =)


  1. I'll have to check this out. Glad you have a new life over there!

  2. Janet, that's nearly 1500 squares!!! ??? !!!

  3. lol....yup....I know (said in a very depressed voice)


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