Thursday, March 6, 2014

On the frame today

Next up is Holle's spinning pinwheel.

Quilting requests for this quilt were: Spinning motion on pinwheels.

Keep it abstract, add some random elements,

such as pebbles and variegated thread on the black fabric.

I always love the secondary designs that show up.

Making a little more progress on O Positive.  This quilt seems to be taking forever, but the rows and sashing are finally starting to be pieced.   I'm liking the randomness, something I thought would drive me nuts. 

 So far it looks like it will be 120 inches wide.  Finally a quilt that will fit our king size bed.  Yes!  And best of all Chad and I both love it!!!  Double yes!


  1. The spinning pinwheels are fun ... love the motion and texture that those circles and lines give it.

    1. Thanks Tami =) I really enjoyed looking at your site this morning, what a talented woman you are!


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