Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A few from May (that I can show)

I've had the privilege of quilting a few quilts for the Portland Bridge Challenge recently, however we have all been sworn to secrecy until the unveiling later this year.   I can't wait to be able to share these beautiful works of art with you.

Until then here's a few beauty's I can share =)  
First up, Cornelia's lovely bed quilt.

We chose a finger meander with a clean diagonal piano key border.

Next up is Betsy's lap quilt.  

This is one of those quilts where I knew how I wanted to quilt it before it was completely unfolded.  And as usual Betsy let me have free rein.  This one was hard to give back  =)  The funny thing is Betsy felt the same way and decided to keep it rather than donate it as planned.  No worries she has more to share =).   Isn't it stunning?!

It was a mystery quilt.  Nice outcome eh! 

And finally Carries wall quilt.

I have to laugh over Carrie's love hate relationship with this project.  The darn thing wanted to have a life of it's own.  Shall we say it had a friendly center...... waving to all.   But she tamed it into submission and is quite happy with it now.

It was fun to work on.  We decided on a feather body to "eat" the fulness.  Her piecing was spot on, I'm guessing the panel was off.    I think it came out great!  Teamwork!


  1. Janet, Any. chance you know a source for Betsy's lap quilt? You said it was a mystery...I would love to make it for a young man who just went to college. Any direction would be helpful! (PS I found your blog from MQR. I am Beth in AZ/soccertxi/bzyqltr

    1. Beth, I've sent Betsy a message =) Hopefully we will hear something soon.

  2. Love betsy,s mystry. Info on where to find directions would be awsome.

    1. Still working on getting info =) I should see Betsy soon!

    2. Oh for heavens sakes, I posted the info on the wrong post! OK this is what Betsy had to say - The quilt is by Lawry Thorn at The Stitchin Post. It was her Fall 2013 Mini-Mystery. Because it was a mystery, she didn't have a name for it. Now when I look online, the pattern that most closely resembles it is All Tangled Up. Thank you Betsy!!

  3. HI, I saw the mystery quilt by Betsy and love it! I'm wondering if there is a way I could contact her and ask about whether whoever did the mystery would sell the pattern? Or would you have any information on where I might find the pattern. Thanks so much, in advance!

  4. I LOVE Carrie's wall quilt and would like further details please ??


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