Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cross quilt finished!

Boy has time gotten away from me!
I finally finished my cross quilt "O" Positive. It's quilted with a layer of Dream Request Cotton batting topped with a layer of Hobbs 80/20.  I thought I had a king size wool batt on hand but the Hobbs worked great for subtle loft.   The light weight request cotton gives it the perfect amount of drape. 

 By the time I got to the last row I thought I'd rather quit and shove the project in a box than make another block.  So I made a row of scrap strips.  It's my favorite part of the quilt now.   It's huge!!  93x117.

  It's so big that I had to curve the corners so they won't drag on the floor, lol.

I decided to name the quilt "O" Positive after a woman at Muddy Boots was obsessed with wanting to know why Carol and I were making quilts for the American Red Cross.  Nothing we said (over 3 hours) would convince her  the quilts had nothing to do with "blood".  I finally gave in and named it for my husbands blood type and quilted it in straight lines (varying widths) and "O"s.

 I was tempted to applique a massive blood drop on the back, but  fell in  love with this fabric from my sister Teri and had to use it instead.  Good thing eh?  A blood quilt is very fitting for 2 Halloween lovers such as ourselves don't you think. lol

Thank you AnnMarie for the inspiration and Jeri for so generously sharing your pre-cut low volume fabrics with me.  But most of all for giving me 2 finished orange cross blocks to start me off, which led to my color pallet.  And thank you to my sister Teri for the 5 boxes of fabric that showed up on my doorstep and filled my fabric shelves to over flowing. 


  1. Love, more than LOVE your quilt! Now, where are you going to enter it?

  2. Hahahahaha very funny, I'm entering it on my bed! My piecing is quite wonky ;)


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