Thursday, June 5, 2014

On the design wall

 Putting the final touches on the Mosaic Challenge quilt from last year.  I always seem to be a year or so behind, lol.  Looks like it needs a fresh pressing after being folded for so long.

The football quilt is getting closer to it's quilting day =)  
(Update: quilted and ready for it's binding.  Shower's in 3 days!)

The first Urban Chicken block is finally finished.  I'm getting excited to work on this one =)

And last but not least, the circle quilt.  Hmmmm more like very large bra cups, lol.  Flat chested they are not!

After a good starch and press they puckered.  It will quilt out right??  Something every quilter loves to hear, hahahahahaha.  NOT!   After I had already started this project The Pine Needle's class catalog came out with this quilt offered.  If only I had known, I may have had a flat chested quilt. 


  1. Love the football quilt and your colors (and circle fabrics)! As Grover says to Big Bird, "Don't forget to breathe! In and out!"

    1. It's official, I have a circle fabric obsession! It can not be helped! lol I went shopping at Cool Cottons with Carol this week and even she noticed my problem of dots =)


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